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Class CardDetails

Detailed information about a card. Changing the properties in this class does not affect the card.


  • CardDetails



Readonly flipped

flipped: boolean

Is the card flipped compared to the orientation of the stack? Single cards are never flipped.

Readonly index

index: number

Index of the card as defined in the editor. Index 0 corresponds to the upper left card in the card image.

Readonly metadata

metadata: string

Metadata of the card. Set in the editor, can contain JSON encoded information.

Readonly name

name: string

Name of the card as defined in the editor. Not the same as the name of the object for single cards, which is accessible through GameObject.getName

Readonly stackIndex

stackIndex: number

Index of the card within the stack at the time when this object was created.

Readonly tags

tags: string[]

Tags defined for this card

Readonly templateId

templateId: string

Id of the card's template

Readonly textureOverrideURL

textureOverrideURL: string

URL for texture override. Used instead of regular front texture if not empty.